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15 Things That Happen When Your Best Friend Is Obsessed With FIFA

You know not to talk to them when they assume the famous penalty-taking pose.

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1. You know to back the fuck off when your buddy suffers from a fit of FIFA rage.

2. You have your excuses ready when they want you to show you their best replays.

3. You know not to talk to them when they assume the famous penalty-taking pose.

4. You know you need to support your mate adequately in the event of a lag or a glitch.

5. You may never have even played it, but you have some pretty strong opinions about the PES and FIFA debate.

6. If you're a newbie to the game, you'll know not to take any of their criticism to heart.

7. You know better than to suggest actually going outside and playing some football, instead of staying in and playing FIFA.

Look, football is football, and FIFA is FIFA. Both are the best, and both have their time and place.

8. And after some time, you'll begin to get real critical of their gameplay yourself.

9. You know exactly when they've gone on a FIFA binge till 4 a.m. the previous morning.

10. Although it's totally illogical, you'll join in when your friend starts cursing the referee for a bad decision.

11. You know the time of day not to call them, because they'd never answer. It's FIFA playin' time, baby!

12. Even if you suck at FIFA, you've been forced to play with them at some point, just because they need someone to play against.

13. And you know you've drawn the short straw instantly when your friend hands you the shitty controller.

14. Often, hanging out with your friend just means you sit around and watch while he follows his dreams on FIFA 16.

15. But you're okay with that, because watching your friends lose their minds while playing FIFA is as entertaining as playing the game itself.