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Cat Pizza

Pepurrroni, yum.

Shannon T. 7 years ago

Japan Gets A "Cat Curfew"

A revision to Japan’s animal-protection law will soon enforce an 8 p.m. curfew on the “public display of cats and dogs.” “Everybody knows cats are really happy in the evening, with their big, cute eyes,” said one resident. But of course.

Shannon T. 7 years ago

Sheepherding Rabbit

"Well, we'll not risk another frontal assault. That rabbit's dynamite." Best part is the bewildered Border Collie watching the runny bunny go to town.

Shannon T. 7 years ago

RIP Davy Jones

But today there is no day or night; Today there is no dark or light; Today there is no black or white; Only shades of gray.

Shannon T. 7 years ago

White Pug Puppies

I have no clue how many rules of genetics were broken for these doglets to be created but, man, are they ever cute.

Shannon T. 7 years ago

1 Porcupine 1 Cup

Like many others in the workplace, baby porcupine can't function until he has had his morning coffee.

Shannon T. 7 years ago

Goat Massage!

A baby goat massage is the best massage of all. They even provide you with free chocolate at this spa.

Shannon T. 7 years ago

There Was A Farmer, Had A Dog...

~ Obligatory random awesome dog video ~ "Who's Bingo?" scoffs Pongo, "They must have gotten my name wrong-o."

Shannon T. 7 years ago