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The Hardest "Breaking Bad" Quiz You'll Ever Take

Are you the one who knocks?

  1. What is the first sentence ever said on the show?


    In the pilot, the first sentence is...

  2. How many people died on the Wayfarer 515?


    Donald Margolis, in part, caused the death of several people aboard this plane. Exactly how many people died?

  3. How much money does Walter offer Saul in order for him to not talk to the DEA?


    In episode "Better Call Saul," Saul represents Badger in a case after he is caught distributing methamphetamine. Walter offers Saul money in order for Saul to not talk to the DEA about "Heisenberg." Saul refuses the offer. How much did Walt offer?

  4. Which of these cars belongs to Gus Fring?


    Gus Fring is seen sitting in his car in the season four episode titled "Face Off." Which of these cars belongs to him? (All cars shown here have been seen on the show).

  5. Who is the head of the food division in Madrigal Electromotive?


    He funded Gustavo Fring's meth distribution network and invested in Los Pollos Hermanos.

  6. What were the first 6 GPS coordinates at which Walter buried his money?


    Walter turned these coordinates into a Lottery ticket. What were the first 6 numbers on the ticket?

  7. What drink does Lydia order in the café in episode "Felina?"


    Walter meets up with Todd and Lydia in the café. What drink does Lydia order?

  8. What is Jack's last sentence before Walt shoots him?


    Jack tells Walter...

  9. What is the last thing that Walter says?


    Before Walt dies, he says...

  10. How many deaths does Walter cause over the course of the series?


    This includes first-hand, second-hand, and third-hand.

  11. Which alias was NOT used by Jesse Pinkman?


    He uses several fake names in order to hide his identity, which one of these have never been used by Jesse?

  12. Which of these superheroes was not shown in Jesse Pinkman's sketchbook?


    Jesse shows Jane Margolis his sketchbook full of his old drawings. Which one of these drawings were not shown in the book?

  13. How much money did Skyler realize Walt makes in a year?


    In episode "Problem Dog," Skyler realizes that Walt makes a large amount of money each year that will take her years to launder. What's the amount?

  14. About how much money does Skyler give to Ted Beneke in order to pay off his IRS debt?


    Ted Beneke is caught by the IRS because of tax fraud. He has to pay back the IRS, so Skyler gives Ted...

  15. What kind of mineral does Hank show to Walt and Walter Jr.?

    In episode "Bullet Points," Hank shows Walt and Walter Jr. his mineral collection. He shows them one specific mineral, and it's called...

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