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21 Easy Things To Do On Sunday That Will Make Mondays Suck Less

Because Mondays really don't have to be so awful.

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Your to-do list for Sunday may look this:

But this doesn't always prepare you for a great Monday or a productive week ahead.

1. Toss everything that's expired or questionable in your fridge.

Grab anything that's definitely gone bad or just all the leftovers you know you're not going to eat. If you do a regular clean every week, it'll always be quick and easy, whereas those monthly purges could get gross and take forever.

Here are some awesome hacks that will help you keep your refrigerator clean and organized.


2. Clean out your purse or bag.

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By the end of the week your bag has become a black hole filled with random receipts, gum wrappers, loose change, and that random flyer the guy handed you on the way to work. Empty out all the unnecessary things you've collected and organize the important stuff so you know where everything is. It'll make your life seem a little more ~together~.

3. Go shopping for the whole week.

Grocery shopping on Sunday and planning your meals for the week will not only help you eat healthier, but it'll also free you up from having to run back to the store every other day.

Here are 18 make-ahead meals and snacks that will allow you to eat healthy without even trying.

4. Prep lots of healthy snacks so you'll never go hangry.

Having tons of pre-made munchies for the week means you won't have to dip into a convenience store every time you're famished and need something right now. Get more snack ideas here.

5. Prepare Monday morning breakfast.

Getting a good start to the week is crucial and having your breakfast ready to go in the morning will save you time, keep you on schedule, and allow you to start the day comfortably.

Here are 25 easy breakfast hacks that will help you eat quick and get on the road in no time!


6. Throw some stuff in a crockpot.

You can toss a bunch of ingredients in there on Sunday and use it for leftovers for the rest of the week.

Try one of these delicious 5-ingredient crock pot recipes.

7. Write your Monday-morning to-do list.

Take some time to plan out what you need to do tomorrow – when you're going to work out, what you're going to eat, what you have to get done at work, etc. – so that you can keep the Monday Blues to a minimum.

And if you're really not looking forward to Monday, bookmark this post of people having a worse day than you so you'll have something to laugh about.

8. And make a weekly goals list of all the big things you want to accomplish.

Nothing is more satisfying than being able to check something off a list. So write down all the stuff you want to get done this week and keep it with you.

9. Take some time for yourself.

It's great to make checklists, take care of chores, and get organized for the week ahead, but don't forget to make some YOU time.

Try practicing mindfulness, which has been shown to help reduce anxiety, increase concentration and will-power, improve memory, and boost your immune system!

Or, you know, just take a bubble bath.


10. And also make some time to catch up with family and friends.

Weekdays are super hectic, so it's easy to go for days if not weeks without talking to people you care about. Instead of shooting off a quick text, take the time to call or hang out with someone on Sunday.

11. Hang up your clothes and put your closet back in order.

Save yourself the pain and frustration of having no idea what to wear and trying to track down your clothes, by cleaning your closet and organizing your clothes before heading to sleep.

12. And then check the weather forecast for the week, and plan out your outfits for the next five days.

Download The Weather Channel app and check it when you're picking out your outfits for the week. That way you'll be prepared if it decides to downpour on Wednesday.

13. And do the same with your gym clothes.

Put together your gym outfits (top, bottoms, undies, socks, sports bra, hair tie, whatever), and put the one you need for the following day next to the door so you won't forget it!


14. Find great pump-up playlists that go with every activity.

Set aside some time to create some awesome playlists that will help you finish all your tasks in no time. Or you can use apps like Songza, 8Tracks, or Spotify that have great options already put together for you – like "Shut Up and Clean With Me" or "We need a Montage".

Here’s how to put together a killer list of jams and here are 26 workout playlists for every human ever.

15. Empty all your garbage cans and get the trash ready for pick-up day.

Sunday may not be trash day, but emptying all of your trashcans around the house and getting it ready to go will save you from having to do it on a weeknight when you have a million other things to get done.

16. Get outside.

It's tempting to stay cooped up in the house because either you're having a lazy Sunday or you're too busy getting shit done, but getting outside will raise your vitamin D levels, improve your mood and self-esteem, get you more exercise, and better your concentration.

17. Use an app like Unfilth Your Habitat to tidy up in short, timed intervals.

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This app challenges you to clean your place in 5, 10, or 20 minute intervals, and will reward you with rest breaks after finishing different challenges. It also uses a little profanity, shaming, and guilt to keep you motivated.

If that doesn't sound like your thing you can try these 22 tricks that will help you speed-clean your house or apartment.


18. Wash your sheets and towels.

Doing laundry is THE WORST. But if you think about it, the last thing you want to do after taking a wonderful shower is dry off in a towel or lay in a bed that's covered in bacteria!

You're supposed to wash your towels after every three uses, as Kelly A. Reynolds, Ph.D., an environmental health science professor at the University of Arizona, previously told BuzzFeed Life.

19. Find something that inspires you to stay motivated throughout the week.

Inspirational and Motivational Quotes - Daily Quote of the Day

Find something inspirational – a picture, quote, song, book, video – that you can reference every time you need a little push.

Try an app like +Quotes, which generates uplifting words that'll inspire you.

20. Treat yourself.

Don't be afraid to pamper yourself a little! Take a long hot bath, order delivery from your favorite restaurant, or watch a few episodes of that Netflix show. You'll be more productive during the week if you feel good.

21. Set an alarm to remind yourself when to start powering down for bedtime.

If you have trouble going to sleep at a decent time you can try a few strategies: powering down your technology — phones, computers, iPads etc. — an hour before you go to bed, using white noise to block out noise pollution, or using these hacks to help make your bed the coziest place in the whole world.

You can also use these 18 charts to help you get a little more shut-eye.