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21 Easy Things To Do On Sunday That Will Make Mondays Suck Less

Because Mondays really don't have to be so awful.

Your to-do list for Sunday may look this:

But with just a few of these tips you can hack your Sunday for the best week ever.

1. Toss everything that's expired or questionable in your fridge.

2. Clean out your purse or bag.

3. Go shopping for the whole week.

4. Prep lots of healthy snacks so you'll never go hangry.

5. Prepare Monday morning breakfast.

6. Throw some stuff in a crockpot.

7. Write your Monday-morning to-do list.

8. And make a weekly goals list of all the big things you want to accomplish.

9. Take some time for yourself.

10. And also make some time to catch up with family and friends.

11. Hang up your clothes and put your closet back in order.

12. And then check the weather forecast for the week, and plan out your outfits for the next five days.

13. And do the same with your gym clothes.

14. Find great pump-up playlists that go with every activity.

Set aside some time to create some awesome playlists that will help you finish all your tasks in no time. Or you can use apps like Songza, 8Tracks, or Spotify that have great options already put together for you – like "Shut Up and Clean With Me" or "We need a Montage".

Here’s how to put together a killer list of jams and here are 26 workout playlists for every human ever.

15. Empty all your garbage cans and get the trash ready for pick-up day.

16. Get outside.

17. Use an app like Unfilth Your Habitat to tidy up in short, timed intervals.

18. Wash your sheets and towels.

19. Find something that inspires you to stay motivated throughout the week.

20. Treat yourself.

Don't be afraid to pamper yourself a little! Take a long hot bath, order delivery from your favorite restaurant, or watch a few episodes of that Netflix show. You'll be more productive during the week if you feel good.

21. Set an alarm to remind yourself when to start powering down for bedtime.