22 Tricks To Help Speed-Clean Your Home

Your parents are showing up in two hours. YOU’D BETTER GET GOING.

(it can be portable)

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1. Keep a basket of supplies ready at all times.

You never know when you’ll have to wipe down quickly. Start with an all-purpose cleaner, a glass cleaner, and a disinfectant, then pick your favorite sponge/paper towel/microfiber cloth/old toothbrush combo.

This blogger has a great basics list.

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2. You can keep it in your cleaning command center to customize it every time you pull it out.

This blogger uses a tension rod to hang her spray bottles.

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3. Or build an essentials kit in every room

Everything you need to clean the bathroom in one place. Like here.

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4. Set a timer for yourself.

Dietmar Temps/Creative Commons

Giving yourself a deadline can be motivational and help you not get stuck on the small stuff.

(This won’t work for everyone, but could be worth a try!)

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5. Make a cleaning playlist. Commons

This works best if you clean for, say, 10 minutes every day. It also might motivate the kids/roommates actually help (the key is to make it a game so everyone helps you).

More on this here.

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6. Clean room by room.

Helga Weber/Creative Commons

Not a hack, but common sense.

Company coming? Only clean the rooms they’ll see (like the kitchen, bathroom and living room).

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7. Keep some bleach gel near your bath tub or shower for quick application to gross grout.

Spot cleaning is key. DIY bleach gel recipe here.

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8. Quickly rub down everything in your bathroom with soap in a dish wand.

Water down some dish soap and do the tub, countertops and shower. Just rinse everything down afterward. From here.

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9. Before you start running around, stick your towels and your shower curtain liner in the washer.

It’s the fastest way to get the mildew out without spending time scrubbing it. (Or you *could* just close your shower curtain so no one sees…but you’ll know it’s not clean).

From here.

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10. Spray the crap out of surfaces and wipe up.

This couldn’t be simpler. From here.

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11. Use a paper towel and rubbing alcohol to wipe down the greasy residue around your kitchen.

It also gets rid of soap scum and can sort of polish your stainless. From here.

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12. (Vodka works too).

From here.

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13. Load. The. Dishwasher.

classic_film/Creative Commons

If you’re lucky enough to have one.

If you don’t have one…well, just hope they don’t look in the sink. (Or suck it up and wash the dishes).

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14. Steam clean your microwave AND spray down your range hood grate all at once.

Do two things at once, like this blogger.

(But you’re forgiven if your speed clean doesn’t involve cleaning your range vent filter thingy. I mean, probably).

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15. If you have a lemon lying around, you can also stick lemons in the water you microwave.

For a lemon-fresh kitchen. From here.

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16. Spray furniture polish on anything you need shinier.

Like your fridge, or your sink, or your coffee table, or whatever. Just don’t spray on the floor or you’ll probably slip and be sorry.

From here.

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(sort of)

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17. Pretend you just cleaned your sheets and pillows by spritzing linen spray everywhere.

Here’s a DIY recipe.

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18. Take a lint roller to your lampshades.

From here.

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19. Stick a sock on your hand to dust quickly.

Get it a little damp with vinegar first. (Maybe this is something you can get your kids to help out with.)

From here.

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20. Use a gigantic extension cord for your vacuum.

That way you only have to plug it in once to go over every floor in your home.

From here.

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21. Use a mop to wipe down ceilings and high dusty places.

Jos Dielis/Creative commons

(Or at least any cobwebs in the corners, if you’re Snow White.)

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22. Just wipe everything down with disinfecting wipes.

If that’s too wasteful or toxic for your taste, try DIY Natural’s version.

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