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Rock Star Dad!

BDP is the best dad out there -- we are so lucky!

1. Reason #1 - He really IS (or was) a rock star!


2. Reason #2 - He loves mommy!

3. Reason #3 - He looks good in scrubs!

4. Reason #4 - We had him wrapped around our fingers on day 1

5. Reason #5 - He is a lot of fun!

6. Reason #6 - He is a Tar Heel Fan! (and forces us to be too!)

7. Reason #7 - But he lets us still love the Wolfpack!

8. Reason #8 - He gives good hugs!

9. Reason #9 - And he is a good snuggler

10. Reason #10 - He is simply the best, coolest and most awesome dad!

And husband. I love you babe. Happy Father's Day!

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