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    21 Adorable Grandparents Who Are Too Damn Pure For This World

    Grab your tissues!

    1. This picture-perfect couple that is the definition of goals.

    This is what 72 years of marriage looks like 😍 My great grandparents are the cutest don’t even @ me!!!! Also papa has granny’s name tattooed on his arm so that’s what I’m striving for in my love life


    2. This adorable ode Sue posted for Ken.

    okay i’m sorry but my grandparents are the cutest and if this isn’t the kind of love i get i don’t want it😫


    3. These outfits.

    My grandparents are celebrating their 50th anniversary at the Grand Canyon. Tell me they arnt the cutest😭😍


    4. This inspiring duo.

    allow me to introduce you to my great-grandparents. they celebrated their 73rd wedding anniversary yesterday and today is my grandma’s 91st birthday!! they are the cutest and most loving people I have ever known 😭❤️


    5. These sweet grandparents who named their tomato plants.

    So my grandma dropped off her tomato plants for me to babysit while she’s gone.. My grandparents are the cutest people 😂❤️


    6. This adorable TBT.

    “A photo my grandparents took of themselves via self timer, 1950.”


    7. Alvin and Mary Jean's ~heart-melting~ use of social media.

    My grandparents have been together since college & now they're both in their 80's & they're still SO in love w/ each other it's PRECIOUS


    8. This grandpa's precious reminder.

    Happy anniversary to my amazing grandparents! Truly blessed!❤️


    9. This example of pure love and joy.

    Look at how cute my grandparents are❤️


    10. Cleon and Sue's date night.

    My grandparents went on a movie date today and it’s the cutest thing 😍


    11. This grandma who bought some new accessories for her dog.

    This is the highlight of my grandparents vacation ❤️


    12. This story of survival.

    After 62 years my grandparents still hold hands❤️ In this picture she’s yelling about how fat he is and he’s....well surviving


    13. This radiance of joy.

    my grandparents ran off and got married when they were just 17. they’ve been together 46 years and they still love each other so deeply. now tell me that ain’t the cutest thing


    14. Diane's Facebook post for her ~bestest~ friend.

    ok can my grandparents stop being so cute , they are too precious for this world


    15. This grateful Nan.

    How precious are grandparents, gave my nan an angel when I was 11 to help her out xx


    16. This beautiful love story.

    I Pray for a relationship my great grandparents have. 6 kids and 75 years later they’re still so in love. I love their love story.


    17. This adorable pose.

    My grandparents were the cutest and so in love.


    18. These grandparents who recreated this very meaningful moment.

    my grandparents just honestly melt my heart, they’re so in love with each other all these years later😭😭 actual goals


    19. This ~iconic~ vacation pic.

    just got this pic of my grandparents out exploring in norway! i’m honestly so in love with how much they’re loving life in their 80s 💛


    20. This caring grandma.

    My sweet great grandparents, she sat him down today to fix his hair 😂 90 years old & still so in love ❣️


    21. And finally this cute couple who will never, ever let go.

    Today's my grandparents 65th anniversary, and they are still so in love and go everywhere holding hands! 😭❤️


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