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    Posted on Aug 12, 2017

    If You Grew Up In A Beach Town And Your Summers Didn't Consist Of All These Things, You're Wrong

    I am a child of the sea.

    1. Spending every ~blessed~ moment of every ~blessed~ day at the beach was typical.


    It was essentially your summer home.

    2. It was the norm to put your swimsuit on when you woke up and not take it off until you went to bed.

    @apugnamedmabel / Via

    3. You never understood people who didn't like sand because you literally loved everything about it. / Via

    Such texture, such beauty.

    4. The beach snack bar was the best part of your day everyday.

    NBC / Global / Via

    5. Like the ~stunning~ delicacy that was rainbow sprinkle soft serve.

    @sophiexmaraj / Via

    6. And the classic beach burgers.

    @chowyoudoin / Via

    7. Watching the sunset every night was just about as necessary to you as breathing air.


    Honestly v. important.

    8. Since you learned how to swim as a fetus...

    9. ...this was literally never you.

    10. In fact, you were basically a mermaid.

    Network Ten / Via

    11. The first time you got wrecked by a wave, you literally thought you were going to die...


    12. ...but you fearlessly returned to your ~beloved~ ocean anyways.

    Walt Disney Animation Studios / Via

    What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, eh?

    13. Getting home from a long day at the beach and realizing you brought a pound of sand — and some seaweed — with you was v. typical.


    14. You couldn't go anywhere without running into someone you knew, but of course didn't want to see.

    NBC / Via

    Small town, even closer community.

    15. The local places you regulared on the daily were suddenly crowded with out-of-towners as soon as summer began.

    FOX / Via

    Imagine Black Friday at the mall — but throughout an entire town — for literally three months straight.

    16. Until you were old enough to drive, riding your bike around town was as close as it was gonna get.

    Warner Bros.

    17. And obviously you were a pro at riding that bike on sand, too.

    @radcurran / Via

    18. When you finally got your license, trying to avoid rear-ending the tourists ~who slowed down to see the view~ basically became an Olympic sport.


    19. Summer jobs in high school were usually in the hospitality industry ~catering to those tourists~.

    Authentic Entertainment

    20. Like at a hotel or resort, for instance.

    Disney / Via

    "Hi, would you like a beach towel?"

    21. Or maybe at the beach, as a lifeguard.

    20th Century Fox / Via

    Yes, you save lives, NBD.

    22. Or for a boating or jet ski company.

    Universal Pictures, Brownstone Productions, Gold Circle FIlms / Via

    You never expected to know so much about vessel options and pricing in your life.

    23. You had a special place in your heart for anything that lived in the sea, so seeing such beloved creatures was always exciting.

    Pixar and Disney / Via

    The millionth dolphin I saw was literally just as magnificent as the first, ok?

    24. Basically, you ~thrived~ in your seaside town, especially in the summer. It was home, after all.

    Eureka Pictures and North Coast Group

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