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    7 Ways To Replace Hugs And Handshakes That Don't Include Awkwardly Touching Elbows

    Touching elbows: boring, clinical, lame. Vulcan salute: sexy, exciting, really freakin' cool.

    So, I know we've all been told to greet each other with this awkward elbow thing, but we've got a few ideas that put this cringe-fest to shame.


    Instead, try these seven alternatives:

    1. The Wakanda Salute

    Marvel Studios / Via

    You can be germ-free and cool like the Black Panther. Wakanda forever!

    2. The Vulcan Salute


    Spock had it right all along. Let's continue to live long and prosper!

    3. The Ravagers Salute

    Marvel Studios / Via

    Even James Gunn, the director of Guardians of The Galaxy 2, agrees that the Ravager Salute should replace handshakes.

    4. The Office High Five

    NBC / Via

    I mean, is there a cuter handshake replacement than Jim and Pam's socially distant high five?

    5. The Han Solo Salute

    Lucasfilm Ltd. / Via

    For a quick hello, how about the Han Solo salute from Star Wars? There's nothing cooler.

    6. The Hunger Games Salute

    Lionsgate / Via

    You can always break out the three-finger salute from The Hunger Games. Just don't do the kissing-your-fingers part!

    7. And lastly, the Captain Jack Sparrow Goodbye

    Disney / Via

    This casual gesture from Pirates of The Caribbean should do the trick. Jack Sparrow has never steered us wrong before, has he?

    What are some creative ways you've replaced hugs and handshakes?


    Let us know in the comments!