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Sep 2018
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    Sgiles88 commented on Gen Z Is Making Fun Of Millennials And Honestly We Deserve It

    I wonder if millennials angry commenting about this article realize they are just proving our points.


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    Sgiles88 commented on Wayne Brady Shared A "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" Clip With A Powerful Message About Race

    I’m sorry but you can’t be mad at WLIIA for that because they make their money with non PC jokes. Wayne Brady has made TONS of homophobic and misogynistic jokes on that show as well as the other cast members but people go watch that show to see something not PC.


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    Sgiles88 commented on What TV Character Initially Got On Your Nerves, But Later You Learned To Like Them?

    David Rossi from Criminal Minds. His arc at the beginning with the kids from an old case made him seem obsessive and he was kind of rude to some of the other members since he felt superior because he started the BAU. After that episode where he tied up the old case I loved him. He’s… 


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    Sgiles88 commented on What's The BEST Way To Hack Boxed Mac 'N' Cheese To Make It Extra Good?

    CAJUN SEASONING!!!!! I always use the boxed Mac and cheese with the creamy sauce packet and not the powder and I put the sauce in a pot and add some extra cheese and milk as well as a LOT of Cajun seasoning. Then you put it in a dish, add some cheese and more Cajun seasoning and bake… 


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    Sgiles88 commented on Introverts, What Things Do Extroverts Do That Piss You Off?

    I have a very close knit group of friends and they insist on getting together EVERY DAY! They are all extroverts and can’t be alone so they all hang out constantly which leaves me in the awkward situation of either hanging out with them and feeling like I want to be home or staying… 


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    Sgiles88 commented on If You're Plus-Size, What Are Some Of The Wildest Shopping Experiences You've Ever Had?

    I remember being 16 and at a clothing store with my mom and leaving angrily while holding myself back from crying because nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, in the store fit me. This kind of thing doesn’t just happen to girls it happens to guys too. That’s why I’m thankful for… 


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