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Wayne Brady Shared A "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" Clip With A Powerful Message About Race

"When you're joking but not really."

You know Wayne Brady — comedian, host of Let's Make a Deal, and a cast member on Whose Line Is It Anyway?

In light of recent conversations about racism sparked by the killing of George Floyd by police, Wayne Brady shared an old clip from Whose Line on Instagram, which carries a particularly powerful message in 2020.

As Wayne stands in line with two other comics (Colin Mochrie and Jonathan Mangum), Ryan Stiles starts a new improv scene, pretending that the three are part of a police lineup.

"Can you pick out the man that robbed you?" Ryan asks an imaginary person next to him, implying that Wayne is the robber. Colin and Jonathan, on either side of Wayne, start indicating toward him.

Wayne then turns to the crowd to say, "Y'all know that's fucked up, right?"

The clip Wayne uploaded to Instagram then cuts to a moment later in the show, where he and host Aisha Tyler have a chance to respond. Aisha arranges the three white comics — Ryan, Colin, and Jonathan — in a similar police lineup. She then turns to Wayne.

"Sir, can you pick out the man that embezzled hundreds of millions of dollars in the American economy, and then made you pay for it?" she says, to cheers from the audience.

"You mean after systematically devaluing my education and relegating me to certain neighborhoods where I couldn't actually pursue the education that would enable me to rise to meet a certain fiscal stature in this country?" Wayne responds.

"And also preventing you from making any loans, or homes, or jobs, or businesses, or getting a car lease—" Aisha responds, before Jonathan runs over to her desk and hits the buzzer to stop the scene.

"When you’re joking but not really," Wayne wrote in his caption on Instagram. "When comedy and the truth meet up..."

In the comments, people are thanking Wayne for sharing the clip:

And many are praising Wayne and Aisha's sharp response:

You can check out the full Whose Line Is It Anyway? clip below:


This article has been updated to more accurately reflect Wayne's Instagram post.