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17 Beautifully Ugly Hipster Sweaters You Can Buy On Etsy

Because you wouldn't be seen dead in a sensible fleece.

1. Clocks and Pocket Watches Sweater

2. 4th of July Sweater

3. Whale Sweater

4. Over-sized Geometric Sweater

5. Mickey and Minnie Mouse Sweater

6. Taxi sweater

7. Study Abroad Sweater

8. The Next Day Sweater

9. Apple Sweater

10. The Hallucinogenic Sweater

11. Eyeball Sweater

12. Horse Sweater

13. Panda Sweater

14. Native American Sweater

15. Maggie Simpson Sweater

16. Hipster Kitty Sweater

17. Color Block Grandma Sweater