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    10 Very Memorable Teenage Guy Bedrooms On TV Ranked From "Wow, I Hate This," To "Yeah, I'm Still Jealous"

    A TV teen has to have somewhere to solve a murder, angst about the love triangle they're involved in this week, hide a runaway friend, and I guess occasionally study.

    Recently, I got sucked down an internet rabbit hole and spent way too long reading articles about iconic teen bedrooms in movies and television. It was oddly fascinating, but I gotta say, think it's really unfortunate that the most commonly mentioned teenage guy rooms were by far Zack Morris' and Dawson Leery's.

    10. Zack Morris' very '90s use of color and shape on Saved by the Bell

    two teens sit in a bedroom

    9. Dan Humphrey's Brooklyn built-in brick bookshelves on Gossip Girl

    dan and vanessa sit in his room

    8. Mike Montgomery's cozy dark wood and window seat on Pretty Little Liars

    mike sits at a desk

    7. Beck Oliver's neon lights and retro-tech loaded trailer on Victorious

    6. Drake and Josh's loft bed and fun levels on Drake and Josh

    drake and josh's bedroom with two beds, a couch

    5. Stiles Stilinski's murder-solving headquarters on Teen Wolf

    4. Dawson Leery's movie memorabilia and infamous window on Dawson's Creek

    five friends from dawson's creek sit in dawson's bedroom, on his bed watching a movie

    3. Kyle Trager's bathtub bed and basement bedroom on Kyle XY

    2. Eli Goldsworthy's skulls and retro bar decor on Degrassi

    1. And at No. 1, Derek Venturi's absolute chaos on Life With Derek

    Do you love these as much as I do? Were there any I missed that you also love? Let me know in the comments below.