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    • seraphinaannek

      I have been binge watching the past few days, didn’t see it during the season.Ilikealot of it butaLOT of ends were left dangling or forgotten,asecond season would be good just to deal with that! Like the guy with the private road, what was the point of all that if we were never going to see him again? And all the stuff about the land that needed taken care of. Well, the ampitheateriguess covered that. It just didn’t have direction.Alot of really good moments and an INCREDIBLE cast.Iwould loveatweak to the writing (and casting and end song) soididn’t thinkiwas watching Gilmore Girls so often (Lorelai and Michelle must be 1st cousins at least! :)) But everythingilike or am interested in gets cancelled. It’s always been this way, back to the 1980s.

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