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    Misconceptions About Screening

    There’s a huge amount of discussion about screening programmes from celebrities, campaigners and emotive media case studies. Unfortunately, a lot of this discussion is filled with misconceptions, misinformation and unrealistic expectations of what screening programmes are and what they can deliver. This has real lasting implications for patients and healthcare professionals. This needs to stop. Here’s some of the key parts of the screening conversation that you often don’t hear!

    1. Screening cannot give you a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ answer.

    2. Screening has costs.

    3. Screening should not be for everyone.

    4. We should not screen for all diseases.

    5. We should only screen those most likely to benefit.

    6. Screening tests are not diagnostic tests.

    So next time you hear calls from celebrities and campaigners for more screening and discussions that only focus on its benefits, remember that:

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