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Haven't The Foggiest

Is it a hurricane? Or just hurricane-force winds? What counts as a heatwave? Was 2014 the “coldest winter for 100 years”? Test your knowledge and arm yourself with the facts so you’re not caught without an umbrella the next time sensational weather stories start raining down.

Sense about Science • 3 years ago

Misconceptions About Screening

There’s a huge amount of discussion about screening programmes from celebrities, campaigners and emotive media case studies. Unfortunately, a lot of this discussion is filled with misconceptions, misinformation and unrealistic expectations of what screening programmes are and what they can deliver. This has real lasting implications for patients and healthcare professionals. This needs to stop. Here’s some of the key parts of the screening conversation that you often don’t hear!

Sense about Science • 4 years ago

8 Allergy Myths Busted

Allergies can be very frightening and seem to be getting more common. But so too is misunderstanding about allergies. This confusion is diluting essential information in a sea of over diagnosis and is putting people’s lives at risk: It needs to stop. Here’s eight common allergy myths debunked:

Sense about Science • 4 years ago

Common Crime Myths That We Need To Challenge

There’s always heated debate about crime in the media and a lot of political argument about how we should respond to it. Leading crime experts bust crime myths:

Sense about Science • 4 years ago


Are you really 'detoxing'? Can you be 'chemical-free'? Leading scientists explain the chemical reality behind chemical myths in our new guide

Sense about Science • 5 years ago