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    20 Things That Annoy The Hell Out Of Comic Book Fans

    It's enough to make you fly into one of the Beast's berserker furies.

    1. When people think The Punisher ever says "snikt".

    It's just the sound his claws make, duh.

    2. When people swap in a Foot Ninja from Battletoads for one of Wolverine's enemies.

    3. When people don't realize it was Professor X who said this to Peter Parker.

    4. When people forget that Iron Man is the protector of Star City.

    5. When people attribute this quote to the green version of the Juggernaut instead of the red one.

    6. When someone messes up a Gambit cosplay THIS badly:

    7. When people forget that Firefly's mutant power can't create fire, only control it.

    8. When people try to make the Juggernaut handsome.

    He's a big brute, not some suave dude.

    9. When people attribute Slade's catchphrase to the character that inspired him, Deadpool.

    10. When they made the Flash yellow in the Sense Of Right Alliance.

    And why's Spider-Man with them and not the X-Men?

    11. When people forget that Mr. Fantastic only spraypaints this on a wall and never actually says it.

    12. When people spoil the big Iron Man 2 twist about his butler.

    13. When they kept drawing Thor's dong after he got bit by a radioactive blueberry! UGH!

    14. When cosplayers can't even do a proper Power Rangers theme.

    The Power Rangers have never had that many members at one time, please.

    15. When people get Starman's Pledge wrong.

    16. When toy makers release characters from movies that aren't even out yet.

    Black Cat's going to be in The Amazing Super-Hero 3! Spoilers!!

    17. When people mistake The Black Cat for Wildcat.

    18. When someone screws up a 90's-era Mary Jane Watson cosplay THIS badly.

    19. When people forget that Black Bolt is part of the Justice League, not the Avengers.

    Benjamin Juan / Via

    20. When this guy got signed to yet another superhero film franchise. Now you'll NEVER see a Deadpool movie.