Size Of The Planets At The Distance Of The Moon

Space is huge. Immense. Even the parts of it right in our solar backyard.

1. Mars and Earth aren’t all that surprising…

…though it’s pretty damn cool to see the Earth like that… from… Earth.

2. Whoa, Neptune’s pretty nuts!

Wow, look at that! I had no idea it was THAT big. Crazy! Let’s take a look at the next-

3. Jupiter, Part 1

HOLY CRAP. I knew Jupiter was big, but I had no idea it was THAT-

Hold on, let me go get the rest of it.

4. Jupiter, Part 2

Here’s the rest of it. Anyway, back to having our minds blown. WOW, Jupiter is HUGE! Again, I knew it was big, but not THAT big! It-

Wait, seriously? That’s STILL not all of it? Hold on…

5. Jupiter, Part Size Isn’t A Relevant Concept To My Feeble Human Mind Anymore

Aaaaaaand there’s the rest of it. Three GIFs. It took three GIFs to represent Jupiter’s immensity. Jesus.

6. Credit

This video was made (and my mind was blown) by Brad Goodspeed. Check out the full video below!

7. Scale, by Brad Goodspeed

Check out the artist/scientist’s website at

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