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Incredible Coke Versus Pepsi Ad

I remember the fierce Cola Wars of the 90s. We look back at that decade's brutality with this incredible retrospective.

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This animation from Alvise Avati shows exactly why Coca-Cola is the top soft drink in the world. It's cutthroat enough to drink itself.

The ad is fake, put together only to show Avati's admittedly impressive animation skills. Though I'd give a literal body part at random to have marketers be this bold in their ads.

"Always Coca-Cola, because Pepsi wants to sacrifice your young ones to their unholy florescent gods."

"Just Do It, because if you don't, Reebok is going to poison the world's water supply."

"Your way, right away, unless McDonald's finally completes their doomsday device and causes the sun to go supernova."

"Bada dadadaaaa... I'm lovin' not being covered in the swarm of killer cyberbees Burger King is secretly bioengineering behind closed doors."

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