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Crossover Possibilities Disney Can Totally Make Happen

Every creative property in these images is owned by the same entity. These are all crossovers that can be dreamed up, storyboarded, and given the legal go-ahead in one meeting. This is money on the table, Disney.

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Deadpool vs Boba Fett: Mercenaries, by Marco D'Alfonso / Via

Two universes' top assassins go head-to-head in a nonstop battle to the death! Who will emerge victorious when these-

Guys, you're supposed to be fighting, not becoming friends. Stop fist-bumping! Stop admiring each other and finding mutual respect in your shared field!

Oh my god. This isn't a crossover. It's a team up.

Aren't they always?

Deadpool and Boba Fett vs Disney World, by Marco D'Alfonso / Via

OK, sure, many fans would want to see Boba Fett and Deadpool fight it out, but the more I think about it, the more I like them teaming up. Do you think Boba Fett likes chimichangas? Do they have faux-Mexicana cuisine in his universe? Would it bring him to tears of joy, too?

Deadpool and Boba Fett: WILDBOYZ / Via

Yes, yes, I know, there are other characters Deadpool could team up with, but I just want to see him and Boba Fett be bros together now. All the terrifying beasts of the Star Wars universe are nothing to Deadpool and Boba Fett. Sarlaccs, rancors, and wookies alike are not only killable, they're prankable.

All save the dreaded Ewoks. Even unkillable regenerating death dealers hide from those hideous monsters.

Tarzan of the Ewoks, by Marco D'Alfonso / Via

Alright, alright, fine. Here's another cool crossover that could happen with Disney's properties now. Sure. There's no Deadpool OR Boba Fett in it, but yeah, fine. I guess this would be fun to see...

Last Man Standing by Ed McGuiness and Jason Martin / Via

...but COME ON. Once Boba Fett and Deadpool finally stopped broing out with Gaston and turning Simba into a throw rug, they'd eventually realize they can't both be the best and then this would happen. Lab grown mercenary clone versus lab grown regenerating psychopath, and all the weapons they can fit on their backs. Rocket launcher versus jet pack. Probably a lightsaber picked up from a rookie jedi versus a knowledge of and utter disdain for the fourth wall.

Mercenary versus mercenary.

Disney: THIS IS MONEY ON THE TABLE, and not a single fan would begrudge you this crossover. Make it happen.

Most of these crossovers, save the last, are from talented fanboy Marco D'Alfonso. You can check out his Deviant Art page here.

The last image is from professional comic book artist Ed McGuinness.

And once again, just so I'm clear, every creative property shown in these images is now owned by the same entity. Disney would only need the lawyers to come in once the ran out of non-lawyers to count all the money.

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