15 Awesome Reasons To Party Sober

Give it a chance, you don’t realize the potential fun you’re missing.

1. Arguments are easy to win.

thefuturistics / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: thefuturistics

This guy’s attention span is one camera flash away from being somewhere else.

2. You’ll look the best of any photo you’re in.

Courtesy of CBS / Via mr-chat-boii.blogspot.com

3. Epic photobombing opportunities are easy to spot.

Denise Truscello / WireImage

4. You’ll be conscious for the best parts of the night…

Doug Bowman / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: bistrosavage

5. …and you’ll actually remember them the next day.

Rob Thurman / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: robthurman

6. Drunk people will believe ANYTHING.

Courtesy of CBS

“No, seriously: I really am a fighter pilot/mariachi/scuba diver.”

7. Getting free pizza is easy when you’re the only one who knows how much everyone’s paid.

Luce Beaulieu / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: cosmogone

‘What?! Of course I put money in! You’re drunk, just let me handle this.”

8. No one’s better at messing with passed-out drunks than sober people.

Who do you think built that card pyramid? A drunk person?

9. You won’t get everyone arrested if someone has to talk to the cops.

pixxiestails / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: pixxiestails

“No, I’m sorry, you misunderstood my friend. His uncle’s name is ‘Pig Asshole’ and he hates him. We’ve got no problem with you fine officers!”

10. You’ll get everyone home safe…

Cary Bass / Via Flickr: bastique

11. …and make it back to your own place (or someone else’s!).

D.J. Milky / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: milkyworld

12. And you’ll actually wake up somewhere you intended to fall asleep.

13. There’ll be much less regret the next day.

John Logan / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: continuity

14. And brunch is a lot better when you don’t hate yourself.

SH2005 / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: heikkinen

15. Keeping your head out of the toilet ain’t bad, either.

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