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20 Things Gay Scouts And Leaders Won't Be Able To Enjoy Until May

These are all off-limits until the leadership of the BSA makes up their minds three months from now. It ain't all knots and secret handshakes.

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9. Gay leaders won't be able to teach the importance of gun control.

Evil Sara / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: evil_sara

The Rifle Shooting and Shotgun Shooting merit badges teach Scouts how to handle firearms correctly and safely, and give them a very real awareness of how deadly guns are... but gay Scouts won't be allowed that education until May.


14. Gay leaders and Scouts can't sell popcorn door to door.

Chris Tengi / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: cjtengi

Or batteries. Girl Scout Cookie Envy manifests itself differently from troop to troop, but gay Scouting members can't do anything about that until May.

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