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9 Instagram Accounts To Follow In 2016 That Will Give You Serious Thirst

Is it a bit hot in here?

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Pietro Boselli

Instagram: @pietroboselli

Pietro Boselli was unofficially declared the sexiest maths teacher alive when one of his students discovered his extracurricular hobby, modeling for some of the best known brands in the world. Check out his Instagram account for foreign travel, cheeky smiles and even a few shots of him holding adorable puppies. He ticks all the boxes.

Matthew Lewis

2015 was the year Matthew Lewis made his Instagram account public, and what did we realise? Neville Longbottom is all grown up. What more is there to say.

Dr Mike

Instagram: @doctor

If you haven't heard about Dr Mike then please explain where you have been for the better part of 2015. Not only is he a legit doctor, but regularly shares picture of his closest companion and much loved Husky, Roxy, potentially the cutest dog to ever grace this planet.

George Butler

Instagram: @georgey

If muscles are your thing, George Butler is the one for you. Fitness Model and Personal Trainer, there are no shortage of topless pics coming your way.

Sam Curry

Instagram: @samuelcurry

A contestant in this years Apprentice, Sam Curry is an actor/author/entrepreneur. He may not have won the show, but he definitely won over more than a few viewers during his weeks on TV.


Instagram: @hotdudesreading

If you don't want to commit to just one guy and you like an intellectual man, then this is just the account for you. hotdudesreading does exactly what it says on the tin, hot dudes spotted out and about, engrossed in their books.

Lucky Blue Smith

Instagram: @luckybsmith

If you haven't heard of him, you soon will. Lucky Blue Smith is everywhere, and for good reason (see above picture). He has featured in campaigns for just about everyone, from Tom Ford to Calvin Klein.

Brock O Hurn

Instagram: @brockohurn

Informally delcared King of Man Buns back in April, Brock O Hurn's hair is a thing of beauty... as is the rest of him really.

Max Whitlock

Instagram: @maxwhitlock

Team GB gold medalist, and all round superstar, Max Whitlock made everyone stand up and pay attention with his incredible gymnastic performance atop a grand piano at the Sports Personality of the Year Awards, the whole time wearing a suit.

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