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What 36 People Wish They Could Tell Their 16-Year-Old Selves

"Being weird is awesome and you should keep that shit up."

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We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what they wished they could tell their 16-year-old selves. Here are some of their responses.


2. "To my 16 year old self: STOP. CRYING. OVER. USELESS. THINGS."

Submitted by annag4adc81e31

3. "Dating older boys won't make you love yourself more."

Submitted by abrilg4770c6d5f

4. "Never act dumber because of a guy. You deserve someone who will appreciate your knowledge about the French Revolution or Spanish Civil War rather than see it as something threatening or unattractive."

Submitted by PinkFluffyPen

5. "Don't take everything so personally. Most things that others say or do – especially in the teen years – aren't even about you at all … It's about them!"

Submitted by EmRoseLA


7. "Don't worry what people think. You literally won't see or talk to most of these people in 10 years."

Submitted by micheleb10

8. "Don't listen to the people who will tell you you're not good enough for anything. Instead of showing them that you are, prove to yourself that you are."

Submitted by alanisr

9. "Stop spending so much time on your outfits in the mornings – your style is a major work-in-progress and your friends don't care anyway."

Submitted by prepster328

11. "A more adult email address would probably be a good idea."

Submitted by Mike Zinzahnknow, Facebook


12. "Stop focusing so much on marriage and children. As nice as they are for some people, it's not mandatory."

Submitted by Miykal

13. "Being a bitch isn't a bad thing . It means you have the balls to stand up to those who try to tear you down."

Submitted by rockzilla

14. "It's OK to not know what your gender or sexuality is – enjoy how you feel without labelling it! But don't be afraid of identifying with a group or exploring identities. Do what you enjoy, and don't make excuses for not having time."

Submitted by Erica White, Facebook

16. "Ask for help – it doesn't make you weak. Others have had experiences you haven't and may be able to give you that advice you so desperately need. Stop feeling that you need to appear strong to everyone even when you're falling apart."

Submitted by fanir


17. "It's OK not to have been kissed and to try to hold on to those moments for someone special instead of wasting them on jerks. I wish it could have happened at 16 instead of 23, but you need to know things will get better. You will get kissed. You will love and be loved."

Submitted by Kristen Lewis, Facebook

18. "You're never going to get anything you don't at least ask for. Be brave enough to take chances, no matter the degree of rejection. Cool job or internship position open? Apply. Chance to do something really cool that you've always wanted? Take it. Girl or guy you want to date? Ask them out.

Submitted by Mollie Heil, Facebook

20. "Someday, you will be unconditionally thankful that you weren't popular in high school."

Submitted by hannahe4ecc1ee3e

21. "You will be amazed when you look back at your life in a decade and realise how much you have accomplished. You will have dark moments, but those moments don't define you."

Submitted by monikarae


22. "Stop being critical of others. Finding fault is not only unfunny but cruel and, more often than not, 99.9% untrue. Be supportive, be open. Judge only yourself."

Submitted by magentamee

23. "Please, PLEASE don't base your self-value on what other people think and say about you. You are completely OK on your own and you don't need someone else to complete you."

Submitted by jessied4f57c7c62

24. "Everything that is happening now is so irrelevant. Don't worry about who's dating who or if you are wearing the latest trends. Worry about your credit and taking your education seriously. That shit is going to matter for fucking ever."

Submitted by Angelica Monique Jacques, Facebook

26. "Pick up those language lessons again when they're far more fresh in your head and you have the time for it. Your career will thank you for it later."

Dustin Carey, Facebook

27. "The words sorry and love are thrown around very easily. Be careful who you accept these words off."

Submitted by charlotteaeason

28. "Stop focusing on your destination. Give yourself a goal, something to aspire to, but stop worrying about how far away it is and simply embrace the journey that is taking you there. The destination will give you purpose and drive but the journey… That's where you get to experience life's riches."

Submitted by emilyf4630ca1c2

30. "Return your damn books to the library. You'll have to pay an insane fee when you sheepishly return to the place if you want more free books."

Submitted by Bespectacled Heroine

31. "Appreciate your mom. She may have her struggles in life and she may not have made your life the easiest, but she's trying. She works harder than you'll ever know and it's all for you. She's not going to be around much longer (she died when I was 22) so spend what time you can with her while she's here."

Submitted by Amanda Baker, Facebook

32. "That guy that you like that everyone tells you to stay away from… Listen to them. It will take you a long time to finally see it, but they were all right. Take this lesson to heart instead of having to live it and learn it — you will always deserve the best. Don't ever let yourself feel any less."

Submitted by sweetcaroline99

34. "Breathe. Relax. You're going to make it out of that small town and will accomplish so many of your dreams. You've got this."

Submitted by eatyourh3artout

35. "Don't regret anything you've done, it's all gotten me to who and where I am now, and I'm grateful to you for that. But don't cut your hair, I miss it..."

Submitted by Joe Davies, Facebook

And finally...

36. "All the shit that you've gone through in school is going to be over soon. In college, nobody cares if you're poor or if you're bad at sports or if you're generally just a little weird. Being weird is awesome and you should keep that shit up."

Submitted by Amanda Baker, Facebook


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