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What Is Your Favourite Memory Of The BBC's Version Of "Bake Off?"

The show is destined to go to another channel, which makes you wonder whether it'll be ever as good again. So before it does, what is your favourite moment?

So we've all somehow survived a week of Bake Off being all over the news, for all the wrong reasons.

It's all a bit.

What happened? Well this picture is a good summary.

Channel 4 have promised that Bake Off will "have a safe home" on their channel and they won't be messing around with the format. But for better or for worse, it feels as if we are reaching the end of an era.

So what has been your favourite Bake Off moments whilst it has been on the BBC? Moments like...

And what characters have you loved the most?

Let us know your favourite moments, characters and why and it might appear in a future BuzzFeed Community post!

I'm going to have an alcoholic beverage. And maybe a shot of tequila.