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Posted on Sep 13, 2016

24 Tweets And Tumblr Posts That Sum Up The "Bake Off" Drama Right Now

"On your marks... Get set... AD BREAK."

1. Yesterday news broke that the BBC was not able to hold on to the rights to Bake Off from 2017.

2. And what did it all come down to?

3. Naturally, people were quite angry.

The rest of the world looks at the UK dealing with the Great British Bake Off moving to another channel. #gbbo

4. And many people were pointing fingers.

We all know who is behind the #GBBO move

5. They were VERY angry.

I'm lucky I live in a rough area so the 2016 #GBBO riots shouldn't reach me.

6. It was certainly a bit awkward for the BBC.

We literally JUST redecorated the canteen at the BBC 😒 #GBBO

7. And David Cameron.


If Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t call for the renationalisation of #GBBO, then what exactly is the point of him?


It's fine. Nothing will actually happen until Mary Berry triggers Arctic Roll 50. #Breadxit #GBBO

10. It wasn't entirely clear what channel the show was going to head to next, so many assumed ITV.

ITV Great British Bake Off Dermot O'Leary: "So why did you apply to come on Bake Off?" Baker: "Me nan died, and she loved cake" [Manly hug]

11. It led to ideas like this.

Imagine the sob stories if #GBBO does go to ITV. Can't wait for Cake Shaped Like Your Dead Gran Week.


At the end of every ITV Bake Off episode they will say 'and if you want to see more Bake off action, apple turnover to ITV2 now!!'

13. Then shock news came through that Channel 4 had obtained the rights for the next three years.

The BBC just delivered a cake to the producers of Bake Off #GBBO

14. People were thrilled at this news.

Visual representation of what Great British Bake Off will be like on Channel 4. #GBBO



17. Then Channel 4 versions of the show were imagined.


It great news for bakers who run out of time on #GBBO, as they'll now be able to use Channel 4+1.



Can't wait for Naked Celebrity Bake Off Benefits Island on #Channel4


22. But then Tamal came along and calmed us down.

Don't stress guys, it'll be fine. #GBBO will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

Oh Tamal, nothing can beat you.

@MxJackMonroe thanks! I knew Jedi-Mary would cheer people up

23. Oh, and then Mel and Sue quit.

No more Mel and Sue on #GBBO got me like

24. Burt don't worry everyone.

“Up next on BBC1, Mel and Sue present a completely new show, 'Cakes in a Tent'”

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