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What Is Your Favourite Television Show Of 2018?

Christmas is the perfect time to catch up on shows that we missed during the rest of the year. What are your recommendations?

What has been your favourite TV show of 2018?

Was it Killing Eve, for its hilarious and unique spin on the spy-thriller genre, starring Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh?

Was it Queer Eye, for its moving and meaningful makeovers, mixed with inspirational advice like this?

Was it Bodyguard for its edge-of-your-seat, "WTF surely they couldn't have done that!" suspense?

Or was it something else completely? Doctor Who? BoJack Horseman? The Good Place? Pose? The End of the F**king World?

Let us know the shows you loved, and why, in 2018 in the comments below and it might appear in a future BuzzFeed Community post (or video).