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Tom Hardy Read A Bedtime Story On CBeebies And HHNNNNNNNGGGGGG

"And I've spotted that you're not in bed. Quick, go on."

Hello. Today is Valentine's Day, so here is Tom Hardy telling you that you should go to bed.

He was actually reading a CBeebies bedtime story, about a dog or a cloud or something IDK.

"I've spotted that you're not in bed yet. Get yourself tucked up and I'll see you very soon..." CBeebies actually t… https://t.co/bze4MjbqS7

This is meant for people under the age of 6.

Have you ever heard an introduction as good as this?

Writing about Tom Hardy on CBeebies is my job.

Name a more iconic duo. I'll wait.

I'm just thrilled that as well as great TV like Stranger Things and Line of Duty, and terrible TV like Sex Box (and that weird MTV show where people go to clubs with their grandparents for literally no reason), there is still a place in our television world for Tom Hardy reading bedtime stories with a dog on a roof.

And if you don't like this article, well now we've made it to...


You can watch Tom Hardy's Bedtime Story on BBC iPlayer.