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    This Year's "Apprentice" Candidates Are As Stupidly Ambitious As Ever

    Prepare to get angry, because The Apprentice UK is back on our screens.

    Don't look at Steven Ugoalah. He's shy.

    Mark Wright doesn't just walk the walk.

    Scott McCulloch knows absolutely everything.

    Felipe Alviar-Baquero is a very humble man.

    Sanjay Sood-Smith is the sexy one.

    Solomon Akhtar has multiple tentacles.

    Pamela Uddin is invincible.

    Sarah Dales can sell ice to an Eskimo.

    Daniel Lassman can sell stuff to people who can't sew.

    Bianca Miller wants to make a clone of herself.

    Roisin Hogan wants to be all the acronyms.

    Robert Goodwin is the most interesting-looking one.

    Nurun Ahmed is an incredibly busy person.

    James Hill is not going to stop. NOT GOING TO STOP.

    Lindsay Booth is full of FLAMES, or something.

    Ella Jade Bitton doesn't need a game plan.

    Jemma Bird needs praise and needs it now.

    Katie Bulmer Cooke wants to invade without you noticing.

    Lauren Riley is pleasant, unless she's very unpleasant.

    Let the final candidate, company director Chiles Cartwright, leave you with these words of wisdom.

    The Apprentice starts next Tuesday at 9 p.m. on BBC One.