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    14 Times Giles And Mary Were Boring Yet Wonderful On “Gogglebox”

    "Our dog never played with any toys. Never played once. It just looked at us. Pitying expression."

    1. When they talked about their vegetable patch.

    Studio Lambert /

    2. When Giles made the mistake of having a donut.

    Studio Lambert /

    3. And when Brexit was in the news yet again.

    Studio Lambert / Via

    4. When Meghan Trainor removed her own music video from the internet after she found out that in post-production they had digitally altered her body.

    Studio Lambert /

    5. They talk about very important news stories.

    Studio Lambert /

    6. And during The Great British Sewing Bee one of the judges said this during one of the challenges.

    Studio Lambert /

    If you don't know what a gusset is, let me help you.

    7. And when Dolmio was under fire in the news for having far too much sugar in its pasta sauces.

    Studio Lambert /

    8. When Mary opened up about her rule that she broke where she doesn't throw anything that isn't a ball.

    Studio Lambert /

    9. During a daredevil show presented by Guy Martin.

    Studio Lambert / and

    10. When Mary had a theory about people called Dennis.

    Studio Lambert /

    11. During a documentary about weather forecasting.

    Studio Lambert /

    12. During Secret Life of the Human Pups, a documentary about men who dress up like dogs in their spare time.

    Studio Lambert /

    13. When Mary opened up about cocktail sausages.

    Studio Lambert /

    14. And during a BBC Two show where they taught British sportsmen to oil wrestle for some reason.

    Studio Lambert / /

    Giles and Mary. What legends you are.

    Studio Lambert / Channel 4

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