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The Selasi Situation On "Bake Off" Is Now Officially Out Of Control

He is very popular. I wonder why.

So you might have noticed that there is a baker on The Great British Bake Off called Selasi.

BBC / Love Productions

And how he reacts to the judges and other bakers.

BBC / Love Productions

And how relaxed he is even when everything goes wrong, especially when everyone is very stressed.

Love Productions / Via

Well, things have escalated. On the second episode of Bake Off he tried a bit of chilli and reacted like this.

BBC / Love Productions

Ofc Selasi is putting chilli in his biscuits u lil spice

Then this happened.

I need the gif of Selasi squeezing that bag STAT #GBBO

Without comment, here is Selasi piping his cream.

Love Productions / BBC

You're welcome.

I want a Selasi calendar. Jan - Selasi piping. Feb - Selasi on motorbike. March - Selasi pleasantly surprised by level of spice #GBBO

Then this suggestion came up:

Hello @BBCOne can we just have a show of Selasi piping icing for an hour. Sincerely, everyone. #GBBO

  1. Would you watch Selasi piping cream for an entire hour?

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Would you watch Selasi piping cream for an entire hour?
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He then presented his gingerbread showstopper.

Love Productions / BBC

Just to let you all know that me & Selasi will be getting married in that gingerbread church 👌🏼 #GBBO

Still, he wasn't as intense as Paul this week.

BBC / Love Productions

Or Mary.

BBC / Love Productions

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