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41 WTF British TV Moments From 2016

It's been a confusing year for news but a belter of a year for TV.

1. When these letters appeared on Countdown.

ITV Studios / Via

2. Oh and this word came up.

ITV Studios /

Another possible word: BULGE.

3. When John Barrowman fell over during a promo for Loose Women while wearing high heels.


It pretty much sums up 2016.

4. When this man danced on the BBC News Channel.


5. When The Jeremy Kyle Show tried to get to the bottom of this urgent and necessary story.

It doesn't get better than this @ITV #jeremykyle

6. When Danny Dyer appeared on Who Do You Think You Are? and found out he was related to Edward III.

Wall to Wall Media / BBC

7. When Holly and Phillip presented This Morning after doing an all-nighter following an award win.

ITV / This Morning / Via

That's them in the clothes they wore to the ceremony.

Hungover Holly then tucked into a cake LIVE.

8. When Peter didn't win that week's Come Dine With Me and took it pretty personally.

Shiver Productions / Channel 4

Jane and the other contestants then necked prosecco in the street.

9. When Tom accidentally made a bread showstopper that was shaped like a dick on Bake Off.

Love Productions / BBC / Via

Tom then said: "My mum's watching."

10. And Andrew made a jousting lance like this.

Love Productions / BBC

Lances should be held in the hand.

11. When Mary said this incredible innuendo.

Love Productions / BBC

12. And then at the end of Bake Off we found out that baker Val is going to do this.

BBC / Love Productions

13. When this scene happened on BBC News.

Oh god. It's happened. The cats have taken over while we were all too busy to notice.

14. And BBC Two asked this.

I'm not ready for another referendum.

15. When Lorraine Kelly was given a quiche lorraine.

ITV Breakfast / Via Twitter: @daytimesnaps

Thank you, Joe Lycett.

16. When Ed Balls danced on Strictly like this.

17. When EastEnders wouldn't stop showing a gripping storyline about council bin collections.

BBC Eastenders

This storyline lasted for WEEKS.

18. When everyone on Big Brother found out that Theresa May is the new prime minister and one of the contestants came out with this.

Channel 5 / Via


19. When a contestant on Big Brother was asked by Rylan to twerk live and then her dress split.

How can this just happen on live tv 😭

20. And when a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother thought that the world was flat.

"I believe in aliens. I believe the world is flat. Now they say, 'Oh, he's mad'. But it is flat. That's what I believe."

21. When a hen party invaded BBC Four's 2016 Olympic coverage from Copacabana Beach in Rio.

BBC Sport

It was beautiful television.

It led to chants of "BBC! BBC! BBC! BBC!" / Via BBC

What a glorious moment.

22. BBC Four's Olympics coverage consisted of a lot chat about council bins and waste collection.

BBC Sport / Olympics

So EastEnders.

23. When Joanna Gosling wasn't told that she was live on BBC News while checking her phone, but handled it like a pro.

BBC News / Via

24. When a wasp attacked Reporting Scotland.

25. When Huw Edwards said: "Let's talk about grime."

"right, let's talk about grime" - huw edwards, 2016

26. And some people noticed that Huw Edwards always does the same pose, so made @HuwsAtTen.

The same pose.

All the damn time.

When people noticed, Huw tweeted this:

@BuzzFeedUK @HuwsAtTen @scottygb It's almost worth changing... you'll just have to watch to find out...


For one night only. Holy shit.

27. When the leader of the Welsh Conservative party accidentally said "breakfast" instead of "Brexit".

"We must make breakfast ... brexit a success"

28. When Channel 4 did a show called Naked Attraction where people decided who to date by seeing their private parts first while they were naked in a box.

Studio Lambert / Via

29. And then when they left the box they had to hug the person who was choosing, like this.

Studio Lambert / Via

This guy was rejected because he had a weird dick. :/

30. When Gary Lineker presented an episode of Match of the Day in just his underwear.

Not sure how we feel about this BBC adaptation of #NakedAttraction...

31. When Dogs Might Fly taught dogs how to pilot planes and this one was literally not giving a shit.

Sky One / Oxford Scientific Films / Via Twitter: @scottygb

No, seriously. This show is actually real. The dog pilot training went really, really well.

Sky One / Oxford Scientific Films / Via

32. When Sex Box, a show where people go into a box to have sex and then talk about it, came back to our screens.

Clearstory / Channel 4

"Great British Climax."

And Steve Jones asked audience members for tips before two people went into a box to have sex.


33. When this happened during the darts.

dart thrower wins tournament, ancient alien relic merges with his flesh, he rightfully becomes demigod of cosmos

34. When This Morning featured a woman who could predict the future by dropping asparagus on to a table.

ITV / This Morning

She predicted that Mad Max would win Best Picture at the Oscars.

It didn't.

35. When Eurotrash featured a guy who could predict the future by sniffing various vegetables.

Channel 4 / Rapido Television

He predicted by sniffing a cauliflower that Britain would remain in the EU.

We...we didn't.

36. When Adele's speech was bleeped at the Brit Awards, the exception being when she said "FUCK."

Dear @ITV if you're muting the swear words... Make sure you actually mute the swear words! @brits #BRITs2016 @Adele


37. When Cyprus had the most WTF intense zoom-in ever during the Eurovision Song Contest.


38. Eurovision featured great lyrics this year.

BBC / Eurovision / Via Twitter: @scottygb

Really, really great lyrics.


39. Whatever the fuck this X Factor sob story is.

Was crying at this on Saturday, best sob story to date #XFactor

40. BONUS RADIO MOMENT: When this was seen on a car radio when Vanessa Feltz was presenting on Radio 2 instead of Jeremy Vine.

Can people please stop tweeting this now

41. And finally, when a contestant on Pointless was wearing a badge that looked just a little bit odd from a certain angle.

Endemol UK / BBC

"Oh, your name is CLINT."

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