The 23 Agonising Struggles Of Putting Up A Christmas Tree

Yes, that includes having the tree falling on you.

1. You want your tree to look AMAZING this year. You have visions of your dream tree.

Oli Scarff / Getty Images

You want your tree to look better than this one.

Stephen Lovekin Getty Images

2. You visit the ‘Christmas Tree Adoption Centre.’

But you cannot afford these wonderful trees. They’re too expensive.

3. The trees you can afford look broken or are…

BuzzFeed / Ailbhe Malone

4. Maybe you should wait for a bit. Or maybe put up that fake tree. You know, the one stored in the coffin.

5. Trees sold on Dec. 27 are so much cheaper.

SOD IT. LET’S SPEND £/$9999999999999999999.

6. TIME TO TAKE THE TREE HOME. But first it needs to go through the greatest machine in the world.

Is this how they bag oranges?

7. Putting your tree in the car? An absolute doddle.


9. It won’t cause a mess.

10. Welcome to the fun “will the Christmas tree fit into the living room I really don’t think it will” stage.

11. Now to find the decorations in the attic.

12. You find the tree lights. They look like this.

“I swear I put them away untangled at the end of last year.”

13. It might take a little bit of time to untangle them.


Even worse, the lights might not work at all…

Channel 4 / Father Ted / Via

14. After the light level? THE BEADS AND TINSEL LAYER.

Shutterstock / Vitalinka


You spend hours trying to decide what the theme will be for your tree this year.

15. How about a theme like this?

16. This always happens.


17. Of course, you have saved something very close to your heart to place at the top of the tree.


Ailbhe Malone / BuzzFeed

19. And then, when you least expect it…

…the whole bloody thing falls over.

20. It’s a brand-new day. You visit the tree.

Don’t worry about the pine needles. You’ll be seeing them till about March.

21. You also place presents under the tree.

22. Christmas is complete. It will delight all who visit.

23. Until the tree dies…in April.

Fox / The Simpsons

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