The 13 Best Things That Have Ever Happened At The End Of “Newsnight”

Includes Kirsty Walk getting drunk whilst baking a cake.

The end of Newsnight used to look like this.

BBC Newsnight / Via

So the new editor Ian Katz decided to shake the credits all up a bit.

13. How? Well once they showed The Clangers to celebrate news that new episodes are being made.

BBC Newsnight / Via

12. To illustrate how OAPs can benefit from playing computer games, they got some to play an Xbox.

BBC Newsnight / Via

11. They also once pretended that they were launching “Newsnight +1”, allowing viewers to see the studios before the programme begins. / Via BBC Newsnight

Yes that is Andrew Neil wiping down the screen.

10. And they even booked a Prince William lookalike to sing out the show, after reporting on how the real one didn’t sing that much at a recent charity gig. / Via BBC Newsnight

Unfortunately, they ran out of time for him to sing too :(

9. They got the cast of Gogglebox to review the show*. They didn’t seem to like it that much. / Via BBC Newsnight


8. But then again, the night they were reviewing wasn’t the night that they changed the titles to look like Breaking Bad.

BBC Newsnight / Via Twitter: @LevEakins

7. Or a new James Bond film. / Via BBC Newsnight

6. They also missed the time that Kirsty Wark got drunk whilst baking a cake to celebrate the return of The Great British Bake Off on BBC2. / Via BBC Newsnight


5. But this is all nothing compared to newly crowned world memory champion forgetting the Newsnight credits itself. / Via BBC Newsnight

For more on that cringetastic attempt yesterday click here.

4. Or the time Paxman did this Dimbleby tattoo tribute. / Via BBC Newsnight

3. Or the time when Ian Katz accidentally tweeted an insult about a guest, instead of sending it as a Direct Message…

…which resulted in them doing this the next day.

2. And remember the time that Cookie Monster was asked a question by Emily Maitlis? / Via BBC Newsnight



BBC Newsnight / Via

Oh. My. Actual. God. / Via BBC Newsnight


BBC Newsnight / Via

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