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Selasi Is The Most Relaxed Contestant On "Bake Off" And It's Badass

He's so damn good.

Let's take a look at Selasi's approach to things vs. other contestants', shall we?

1. Everyone checking whether their bake is ready.

Selasi waiting for his oven bake to be ready.

2. A baker being introduced on Bake Off.

Selasi being introduced on Bake Off.

3. Every person in the tent's approach to baking.

Selasi's approach to baking.

4. The bakers 99% of the time in the Bake Off tent.

Selasi 99% of the time in the Bake Off tent.

5. The bakers piping out their mixtures.

Selasi piping out his mixtures.

Hello @BBCOne can we just have a show of Selasi piping icing for an hour. Sincerely, everyone. #GBBO

6. When the bakers are judged by Paul Hollywood.

When Selasi is judged by Paul Hollywood.

7. The bakers' thoughts at the start of the series.

Selasi's approach at the start of the series.

8. Every baker kneading bread.

Selasi kneading bread.

Hello @BBCOne can we have an entire hour of Selasi kneading dough please. Thank you. Sincerely, everyone. #GBBO

9. Mary tasting someone's bake.

Selasi tasting anything in his bake.

Oh, Selasi. Nothing can top you.

You know selasi was that one kid who finished every exam an hour early and just sat there stretching & mouthing 'finished' #GBBO

10. BONUS: Selasi absolutely not giving a flying toss about the amount of time that is left in a challenge.

BONUS BONUS: Here's some Hollywood–Selasi eye sex.