Sarah Dales Was One Of The Most Insane "Apprentice" Candidates

    Her best moment was trying to sell a bog brush to London Zoo.

    1. Sarah Dales in The Apprentice was everything. Why? Well, her career didn't even come close to yours.

    2. There was the time that she thought that “decadence” would be a good team name.

    3. Decadence means this, by the way.

    4. She had a very defined set of skills.

    5. There was the time she posed like this during a wearable technology presentation and OWNED it.

    Strut it. Know it. Work it. Believe it.

    6. Though when she made customers check whether her heated coat was warm everything did go weird.

    7. She gave the best death stares, like when she had an idea for smells in the fragrance challenge.

    8. Her idea was then shut down like this.

    9. She then responded with this face.

    10. Her ideas were always a bit weird. Remember when she thought the public wanted to purchase this during the selling challenge?

    11. She was persistent at selling lemons. LEMONS.

    Mark Burnett Productions / Freemantle /

    12. She also said these sentences a couple of times.

    13. But her oddest moment of all was her trying to sell a box of tacky cleaning products you could have bought at Poundland to London Zoo for £250. / Mark Burnett Productions / Freemantle /

    14. It made no sense whatsoever. It was wonderful.