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Robert Downey Jr Has Walked Out Of An Interview With Channel 4 News

An interview about The Avengers: Age of Ultron with Krishnan Guru-Murthy came to a swift close when some rather personal questions were asked. Update: On The Howard Stern Show, Downey Jr said he wished he left the interview sooner.

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Downey Jr responded:

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He then said: "I wouldn't say that I am a Republican, a liberal, or a Democrat. ... I was talking to the person who was doing the interview that day, and that just happened to be my opinion."


And when Guru-Murthy said the interview still had a few minutes left, he came back with this. / Via Channel 4 News /

"Your foot is starting to jump a little bit – you better get to your next question."


You can watch the interview here.

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The bit when it starts to go a bit wrong is from five minutes in.

In a subsequent interview with The Howard Stern Show, Downey Jr said he wished he left the interview with Guru-Murthy sooner. "I don't even know that guy's name," he said, "but I know he pulled the same garbage on Tarantino and Tarantino stayed in his chair and lit him up for five minutes.

"I'm one of those guys who, I'm always assuming the social decorum is in play, and that we're promoting a superhero movie, a lot of kids are going to see it, and that this has nothing to do with your creepy dark agenda that I'm feeling all of a sudden, like, ashamed and obligated to accommodate your weirdo shit."

You can listen to him telling Howard Stern about the experience here.