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    An Upcoming BBC Logan Paul Interview Was Cancelled After A Backlash From Listeners

    BBC Radio 1 was due to air an interview featuring Paul and fellow YouTuber KSI last night during The 8th with Charlie Sloth.

    There's going to be an amateur boxing match next month at Manchester Arena, England, featuring two well-known YouTubers: KSI and Logan Paul.

    Paul, as you might remember, received near-universal condemnation in December last year for uploading a video showing footage of a person who had killed himself in Aokigahara forest, Japan.

    Last week, KSI and Paul were in the UK on a publicity tour for the match. Paul, whose brother is fellow YouTube star Jake Paul, walked out of a press conference trailing the event after KSI exchanged personal insults and got the audience to chant "Fuck the Pauls."

    Then BBC Radio 1's The 8th with Charlie Sloth announced that it was doing an interview with Paul and KSI and shared a promotional trailer for the pre-recorded interview on its Twitter account.

    And that fuelled a considerable backlash online, with many suggesting that it was inappropriate for Paul to be given a platform on the radio station.

    Are we forgetting he filmed a man who had taken his life, in a country where the suicide rate is high and put it up on the internet for his young audience to see? This is not how you attract a young audience, it's irresponsible and fuck everyone involved in making this happen.

    This is the same guy who filmed a video of someone who had taken their own life & posted it on his YouTube channel as a joke. That is not the kind of mistake you just make. Seriously @BBCR1, please don’t give this person a platform.

    @BBCR1 @KSIOlajidebt @LoganPaul @CharlieSloth WHY give this man any fucking airtime, swear Charlie went in on him about the whole situation earlier this year?

    However, some people have defended the interview, saying that Paul has learned lessons in the last year.

    @BBCR1 @KSIOlajidebt @LoganPaul @CharlieSloth I think Logan Paul has changed alot! Not everyone deserves second chances but this guy does. He vlogged his life every single day for a long time, fame, money got to his head. He is learning its not everything. I like the guy👍

    There were also questions as to why Paul was being given airtime to promote the fight when earlier this year Sloth criticised him following the YouTube incident, saying that uploading the video showed "awful, awful judgment" and calling him "Wally of the Week."

    Shortly before the interview was due to air last night, BBC Radio 1 tweeted that it had pulled the interview because "we don't feel it's right."

    A spokesperson for BBC Radio 1 reiterated the statement when contacted by BuzzFeed News: "We listened to the full interview and we didn’t think it met the standards our audience would expect, so we didn’t use it.”

    Many people are expressing relief that the interview was not aired.

    @BBCR1 Logan Paul is not the image @BBCR1 should be trying to project. Good call, but you should have never lined up the interview in the first place. Especially after claiming to care about mental health.

    Wow Radio 1 have pulled their Logan Paul interview because they say it’s ‘not good enough’

    And some have criticised the statement, while others have said the interview should have gone ahead anyway.

    Not a fan of Logan but y'all are sipping on that coward juice. If you're going to be afraid of the controversy, at least own up to it instead of copping out.

    Representatives for Logan Paul have been contacted for comment.