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    Prince William And Kate Introduced The Radio 1 Official Chart

    Talking on air, William also said he used to watch Neighbours back in the day.

    Today the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made a surprise appearance on BBC Radio 1.

    When asked about their TV habits, William said: "We've watched Homeland, big fans of Homeland. Game of Thrones we've watched as well. Seems like everyone has watched Game of Thrones."

    Asked whether they watch soaps like EastEnders, William said: "We used to watch Neighbours a lot at school. That was a big thing. Everyone used to congregate at lunch and would watch Neighbours."

    William also admitted that he has previously texted in to Radio 1 and has had a shout-out on the air, but texted under a different name so he wouldn’t get found out.

    Asked about music, the prince said: "We've talked about going to Glastonbury before because I do love my music, and so does Catherine as well."

    They then co-presented the opening of the Radio 1 Official Chart, which included introducing an Ed Sheeran record.

    It's time for the #OfficialChart with @GregJames...and The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge! YES. REALLY. 😱 Listen 👉…

    They did not participate in Innuendo Bingo.