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    This Is Why Norman Was The Best Contestant On "The Great British Bake Off"

    If Norman is kicked off the show you might as well turn your television off and throw your remote control out of the window.

    1. His name is N-O-R-M-A-N.

    Nancy is a good name but not as good.

    2. Listen to how Norman says the following sentence.

    Scott Bryan / Great Britis Bake Off / Love Productions

    Is there anyone with a better Scottish accent? No.

    And Norman is the most wonderfully Scottish man ever.

    3. I mean, this is what he does when he isn't baking.

    Walking a Scottish dog by a nice Scottish cliff wearing a nice Scottish cap.

    4. He can also spell the word "bake" by semaphore.

    5. He appreciates the smallest things, like when he was positioned at the back of the room one week.

    6. Norman has got a body temperature of 35.1°C.

    7. When he is told that his baking is too "simple"...

    He zings back with modest one-liners like this.

    8. But look at his creations. They are NOT SIMPLE.

    Sure, his creations might not get the judges' full approval, but they're certainly better than what you're able to thrash together in a kitchen on a rainy day.

    9. And then there was the time when he said he was taking his cooking to new extremes.

    10. Pesto. So special.


    11. And look at Norman's face when things are tense.

    12. And he isn't as innocent as you think he is.

    13. And at the end of the series, we learnt he was doing this.

    Love you Norman. Keep on being you.