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Mary Berry Said That She Was Going To Eat Carpet On "Bake Off" And It Was Very WTF

We have officially reached peak innuendo.

The sexual innuendoes on Bake Off are always a little bit ridiculous. This week was no exception.

Then Mel and Candice had this weird chat.

It then escalated and Paul Hollywood said this.

That would have been enough for one week.

But then Mary Berry came along and said what I consider to be the most ridiculous Bake Off innuendo of all time.

Context: She was offering to eat a bit of Candice's carpet in her pub made out of gingerbread.

Not that this really matters.

What was your highlight of Deadline Day, Jim? Probably when Mary Berry said "I'll eat a bit of carpet" on TV.

Of course Mary will taste some carpet. It's like the whole show is being written by Inneuendo Bingo #GBBO

"I'll eat a bit of carpet". #GBBO

Least someone enjoyed eating her carpet 😂 #GBBO

And it got even better when the vicar from Gogglebox politely summed up what just happened.

I will make no comment about Mary Berry offering to eat carpet

Mary, you've outdone yourself.