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ITV Just Accidentally Bleeped Everything But Adele Saying "Fuck"


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When Adele won her third Brit Award of the night, the Global Success Award, she was pretty emotional on stage and said to the crowd "you're probably fucking bored of me anyway."

Problem was... ITV didn't manage to bleep it.

Dear @ITV if you're muting the swear words... Make sure you actually mute the swear words! @brits #BRITs2016 @Adele

Ant & Dec then had to swiftly apologise to everyone.

ITV / Brits

"We'd like to apologise if anyone was offended by Adele's language earlier," said Ant. "Apparently, the bleep guy didn't get in early enough for one of them."

You can watch her full winning speech here:

View this video on YouTube

Unsurprisingly, it contains swearwords.

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