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    George Clooney Has Appeared In A Special "Downton Abbey" Sketch For Charity

    His character in the special? Lord Hollywood.

    You might have heard that George Clooney was going to appear in Downton Abbey sketch for charity.

    ITV Text Santa /

    The sketch was televised last night on ITV, as part of Text Santa.

    The sketch feels very different than a normal Downton episode: The pace is much much quicker and all of the characters act a little differently.

    It features Violet (Maggie Smith) rolling onto the floor when George Clooney kisses her hand.

    ITV Text Santa /

    Thomas (Rob James-Collier) leaning in to kiss George, but instead has a curtain closed in front of him.

    ITV Text Santa /

    There's even a scene with the writer Julian Fellowes.

    ITV Text Santa / / Via

    In regards to how nothing in this sketch made any sense, which it didn't.

    The mini-episode is in two parts. The first one is here.

    View this video on YouTube

    ITV / Text Santa /

    George Clooney only really appears in the second part of the sketch, which you can watch here.

    View this video on YouTube

    ITV Text Santa /

    To donate to Text Santa you can text SANTA5 to 70760 to donate £5, or you can head to this website.

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