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Every Single Time Jeremy Vine Teased Us With Sexy Graphics

Don't worry guys, this post will be constantly updated over the night.

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Jeremy Vine started #IndyRef results night clenching his fists as fruit pastilles danced enticingly out of a wall.

And then, with the power of his hands alone, he scared the blocks and they all ran away.

He then pointed to a floating, multicoloured Scotland.

And danced sideways while pointing at lines.


Sometimes he went down on one knee because telling facts on one knee is the right thing to do.

Oh, and these graphics are 3D. Don't be scared.

Vine then stood on a ledge like a powerful king.

And a chopper flew in.

There were also some ships (but they fell through the floor).

Oh no, I'm sinking.


P.S. There was also an oil rig and NATO or something.

Here's him firing things at a wall using his mind.

Huw Edwards and guests just sat there, scared to turn around because of Vine's strength.

Seriously, he was always there, behind Huw Edwards. Huw Edwards never turned his head, in fear.


But wait – BBC Scotland tried to retaliate. Brian Taylor was talking about other issues to do with an independent Scotland, so obviously used an image of a TARDIS.



Oh wait, Vine has been fighting back. He's fired the results on to the side of THE ENTIRE BBC SCOTLAND BUILDING.

Vine's tyranny just needs to stop.

Vine's tyranny just needs to stop.

Jeremy... What is the result? Can you let us know?

Thanks, Jeremy.

Thanks, Jeremy.