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29 Sassy AF Eurovision Comments From Graham Norton

"She can do extraordinary things with her voice, not pleasant things, but extraordinary."

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1. "It's an unusual Eurovision this year in that there's a lot of songs that are really quite good and brilliantly sung. The next song is not one of those."


4. "Songs in Eurovision are often about love, how it can heal, how it brings peace and harmony. This song is called "Love Kills." And if love doesn't kill us, the choreography will. It is woeful."

7. "This is actually quite a good song but you may not notice, because you'll be distracted by the... well let's call them dancers. At points you might think they've had a bad oyster, but truly it's choreographed."


11. "She can do extraordinary things with her voice, not pleasant things, but extraordinary. If you've got dogs or small children in the room, you might want to put them out of earshot."


13. "We just hope the fire alarms don't go off, because as you'll just see, the curling tongs back stage has been working overtime."

14. "This is a mysterious song. In this song he says he did something wrong in his childhood. Not sure what it was, but it might have been writing this song."

16. "Good news for the Irish economy. I can reveal they have discovered oil there! Sadly it's baby oil and further bad news, they've used all of it on their dancers."

17. "It must be one of the worst song titles ever: "Love Injected". Grim... To add to the fun, well she's dressed like a novelty toilet brush, to be honest."


19. "And if you think, 'Oh I quite like that grand piano', I imagine you can find it in a skip outside the stadium at about half twelve."