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17 Bizarre Topics That Daytime Television Decided To Cover In 2017

"Is karaoke evil?"

1. "Why are chickens shooting me in my dreams?"

ITV / ITV Studios / Via Twitter: @daytimesnaps

2. "Will you be replaced by Samantha the sex robot?"

ITV Studios / Via

3. "Would you give your dog mouth to mouth?"

ITV / ITV Studios

4. "Would you freeze your head to live forever?"

ITV / ITV Studios / Via Twitter: @strutcakes

5. "Would you say 'I do' to a poodle?"

ITV / ITV Studios / Via

6. "Could you spend the night with a haunted teddy bear?"

ITV / This Morning / Via

7. "Has Halloween gone too far?"

ITV / ITV Studios

8. "How long do you wait to get naked?"

ITV / ITV Studios / Via

9. "Is the new Time Lady a problem?"

Wright Stuff / Via

10. "Does this look like Princess Diana?"

ITV / ITV Studios / Via Twitter: @DavidB1996

11. "Is karaoke evil?"

ITV / ITV Studios / Via Twitter: @daytimesnaps

12. "Would you let your baby go nappy-free?"

ITV / ITV Studios / Via

13. "Did I attract ghosts to my neighbour's home?"

ITV / ITV Studios

14. "Would you dare to try bondage?"

ITV / ITV Studios / Via Twitter: @loosewomen

15. "Nigel Farage: Sex God?"

Channel 5 / Via

16. "Are hot cross buns evil?"

Wright Stuff / Via Twitter: @couchpotatoadam

17. "Who cares?"

BBC News / Via Twitter: @andysilke


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