Can You Guess What The “Gogglebox” Contributors Are On About?

You can’t see their television and the narrator is nowhere to be seen. Can you guess what shows and moments they’re talking about?

  1. 1. Who are these guys talking about?
    Gogglebox / Studio Lambert / Channel 4
    1. Liz Jones in the “Big Brother” house.
    2. A news piece about Samantha Cameron in Number 10.
    3. A documentary about Susan Boyle’s life in Scotland.
    4. Holly Willoughby presenting “This Morning”.
  2. 2. What show is this guy going on about?
    Gogglebox / Studio Lambert / Channel 4
    1. A Channel 4 show consisting of Kirstie Allsopp making crafts.
    2. The pauses when Noel rings the banker on “Deal or No Deal”.
    3. Nearly every moment in “The Cube”.
    4. The technical challenge during “The Great British Bake Off”.
  3. 3. What TV moment are these guys reacting to?
    Gogglebox / Studio Lambert / Channel 4
    1. Andy Murray has just won the men’s final at Wimbledon.
    2. Sam Bailey has just beaten everyone on “The X Factor.”
    3. “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” has just been cancelled.
    4. The BBC has announced that “The Sky at Night” will be now shown on BBC Four, with a new presenter.
  4. 4. Which TV personality are these two on about?
    Gogglebox / Studio Lambert / Channel 4
    1. Ant and Dec.
    2. CBBC’s Sam and Mark.
    3. Huw Edwards and Fiona Bruce.
    4. The Chuckle Brothers.
  5. 5. Which television presenter (in period costume) wasn't rated that highly by these two?
    Gogglebox / Studio Lambert / Channel 4
    1. Sarah Beeny.
    2. Nigella Lawson.
    3. Cilla Black.
    4. Fiona Bruce.
  6. 6. What TV show are they complaining about?
    Gogglebox / Studio Lambert / Channel 4
    1. A documentary about what caused the Big Bang.
    2. An episode of “Traffic Cops” where they find some baby foxes in the middle of a roundabout.
    3. A BBC Four “Storyville” documentary about the first settlers in northwest England (which was by a roundabout).
    4. A “Time Team” special, where they dig a big hole and find nothing. However, there might be evidence under a roundabout.
  7. 7. What TV show is she passing out to?
    Gogglebox / Studio Lambert / Channel 4
    1. The fifth minute into “Jools Holland Hootenany”.
    2. A feature about penguins, followed by a feature about teenage underage sex on “The One Show”.
    3. A drama on Sky Atlantic which involves all of the main characters having intercourse with each other.
    4. A “Time Team!’ special about that roundabout.
  8. 8. What TV moment are they talking about?
    Gogglebox / Studio Lambert / Channel 4
    1. Rebecca Adlington’s swimming challenges on “I’m a Celebrity”.
    2. An unusual camera angle during the “Great British Bake Off”.
    3. As the skiiers fly down the ramp on Channel 4’s “The Jump”.
    4. Absolutely everything late night on Channel 5.
  9. 9. Who are these guys imitating here?
    Gogglebox / Studio Lambert / Channel 4
    1. Bruce Forsyth during “Strictly Come Dancing”.
    2. The dance routines during “The X Factor”.
    3. The moves the divers on Tom Daley’s “Splash” do when they jump off the edge of the platform.
    4. The guy who faked sign language at Mandela’s memorial service.
  10. 10. What TV moment is she so upset about?
    Gogglebox / Studio Lambert / Channel 4
    1. A man his just exchanged saliva with a baby kangaroo during a BBC Two nature documentary.
    2. It has been announced that Olly Murs is rejoining “The X Factor” as a judge.
    3. A cameraman has just zoomed in to Rebecca Adlington’s legs during “I’m a Celebrity”.
    4. Piers Morgan has just started presenting “Life Stories”.

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