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Can We Talk About The Chemistry Between Benjamina And Selasi On "Bake Off" For A Second?

Two of the best people together in the tent = pure magic.

In last year's Bake Off final, Nadiya and Tamal were positioned next to each other in the tent and their on-screen chemisry was simply on 🔥.

BBC / Love Productions

All of these scenes took place right at the end of the series, which was a lovely surprise. But it made you wonder whether there were many other moments between them two that we just didn't see and that made you feel WEIRD.

So it's lovely that a great relationship is developing between Benjamina and Selasi this series.

Love Productions / BBC / Via

We've seen that they've been friends in the tent for quite a while, like when Selasi was making dough.

Love Productions / BBC

But this week was just something else.

Love Productions / BBC

Benjamina and Selasi rolling at the same time whilst looking at each other.

Then we were told that Benjamina and Selasi both decided to grate grapefruit into their meringue.

Love Productions / BBC

Then when making the meringue, Selasi did this:

Love Productions / BBC

Such a tease.

Benjamina then got a glowing review from Paul on her bake.

Love Productions / BBC

Which made Selasi on the next table do this.

Love Productions / BBC

And then when Selasi's review wasn't as good as hers, Benjamina responded with this cheeky face.

Love Productions / BBC

In the words of Selasi, your relationship is on... / Via Love Productions / BBC


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