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Prince William And Prince Harry Met BB-8 And BB-8 Then Bowed

Beep bop *bows*

So last night it was the Star Wars premiere in London.

John Boyega brought along his family with him.

And then Prince William and Harry were introduced to BB-8, the loveable rolling-around-on-the-floor robot.

And then, in a rather bizarre scene, BB-8 followed the royal protocol and bowed to them both.

It was pretty weird and delightfully British.

And quite a few people were surprised by it all.

Although someone did point out this.

BB-8 bowed twice and they just LAUGHED?! BOW BACK FFS https://t.co/z986t6w9O8

And it's not the first time they have met either. Prince William visited Pinewood last year whilst filming for The Last Jedi took place, resulting in this hug from Chewie.