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This News Show Presented By Dogs Was Just An April Fool But It Should Actually Exist

In the future, all news shows should be presented by dogs.

Hello. The last time I wrote about British kids' TV it was about Tom Hardy reading us all a bedtime story. At the time, I thought that all kids' TV going forward should just consist of Tom Hardy reading stories, because quite frankly it was the greatest thing on TV at the time.


Well, I stand corrected. Newsround, a BBC News kids' show, did an elaborate April Fools joke today where it announced a new show, hosted by dogs for your pets at home. This show, quite frankly, just has to exist.


Regular Newsround host Ricky introduced the new show โ€“ amazingly called Newshound โ€“ and introduced its host, Pebbles. Then we witnessed this insightful conversation between Ricky and Pebbles.


I now want a caption saying [INAUDIBLE] whenever a dog is on screen.

Newshound then told us what the show would consist of, and even though I am not a household pet I think I would find all the content pretty informative. For example...

"Where are the best digging spots?"


And... "What's the deal with alpacas?"


Seriously, what is the deal with alpacas?

Think of it. A show presented by dogs would be perfect escapism from the news agenda, would make you a better pet owner (you'll understand your pet's needs and desires) and to be honest I spend a lot of time watching television which is trashy and awful as hell. Why would a show presented by dogs be worse than that?


Plus throughout the show we would just see the caption [INAUDIBLE] on screen, which would be hilarious.

And to be honest, I'm quite surprised that Netflix hasn't announced a show presented by dogs by now.

BBC News, Newshound and Newsround, if you're reading this, please do commission this show immediately. I've thought of a perfect co-host.

BBC News

You're welcome.

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You can watch a teaser for the fake show here.

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